The Family Tree: Children of Theodore and Leah Crohn
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Theodore Crohn
The son of Morris Crohn and Ernestine Wolfe, who married in Szamocin, Prussia in 1861.
Leah Baum
He married Leah Baum in 1882 and, maintaining the family fecundity, they had twelve children (Esther, Burrill, Ada, Gurtha, Myron, Joshua, Lawrence, Naomi, Daniel, George, Marcella and Rosalie).
Esther Crohn
(b. Nov 29, 1882)
Born Rockdale, TX
d. Sep 3 1971, NYC
Burrill B. Crohn
(b. June 13, 1884)
More about Burrill
Born June 13, 1884 NYC.
d. July 29, 1983, New Milford, CT.
Ada Crohn
(b. Jan 29, 1886)
d. June 13, 1893,
taken at only eight years of age.
Gurtha Crohn
(b. May 8, 1887)
Born NYC.
d. May 20, 1952, Cedarhurst, NY.
Myron Crohn
(b. Mar 17, 1889)
d. About 1957.
Joshua Crohn
(b. Aug 11, 1890)
Born NYC.
d. July 9, 1957 NYC.
Lawrence Crohn
(b. Feb 22,1892)
Born NYC.
d. Mar 1983, Dallas, TX.
Naomi Crohn
(b. Aug 23, 1893)
More about Naomi
Born NYC.
d. 1991, La Jolla, CA.
Daniel Crohn
(b. Dec 6, 1894)
More about Dan
Born NYC.
Married Ida Barbara Bumfeld (1900-1971)
d. 1986, Long Island NY.
George Crohn
(b. May 1, 1896)
d. Feb 19, 1985.
Marcella Crohn
(b. Jan 4, 1899)
Born NYC.
d. Aug 17, 1971, NYC.
Rosalie Crohn
(b. Nov 18, 1900)
Born NYC.
d. Jan 23, 1983, Forest Hills, NY.
Burrill L. Crohn
(b. Jan 11, 1934)
Born Paris, France.
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