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Website for the Baum, Crohn, Webster Family, a distinguished and accomplished lineage that dates back to the early 1800's in this country.
With this site our goal is the creation of a "virtual" museum, not one built of bricks and mortars but of bytes and codes, not one with a fixed physical location but one as close as your nearest computer.

Here you will find historical documents, old photographs, home movies, videotaped interviews, written reports, oral histories and more, which will continue to be updated with new resources about the family now and into the future. There will also be a dynamic family tree that can help you locate any member of our far-flung, multi-generational family with information about each.

But we are not doing this alone, we are counting on all of you to be not just visitors to the site but contributors as well. We hope you'll send us documents, photos, films and stories of family to add to the site as well (see the Contact/Contribute page to learn how). Let us know if there is any information on the site that might need updating or correcting. With your participation the site – the online museum – will be both a window into the past and continuing snapshot of the present, a collaboration of all of us, not just a few.

So thanks for visiting. Look around, explore the site, learn about our remarkable family and be sure to tell others about what we are doing.

Thank you, Burrill L. Crohn, Susan Dickler.
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