Family News
This project was originated by Burrill L. Crohn and Susan Dickler, daughter of Ruth Crohn Dickler, with support from Ruth Dickler, Frank T. Crohn, David Roseman and Alan Hammershlag. Now others have worked on the site as well including Josh Bastacky (Martin Roth's grandson), Dick Detzner (married to Sasha Rubel, grandaughter of Marcella Crohn and Arthur Rubel) and Jane Dickler Lebow (Susan Dickler's sister).

What you see here is a work in progress (as it always will be). The design will evolve even beyond our present imaginings. The content will expand, the branches and leaves of the family tree will be fruitful with more photos, information and hyperlinks. Videos will run for their full length, photos will profuse, old documents and letters will be seen, some read aloud. The shelves of our virtual (and mutli-media) library will be filled with works of family members . There are also plans for a Facebook type page for family members to post and communicate with each other.

But to do all this (and more) we need your help. Financially, for sure, to support the web design and development (currently being done by a non-family member) and other expenses like video transfers, photo and document scanning, etc. But you can also contribute to our project by sending us your photos, films, letters and other documents from this and previous generations of family members not now represented on the site. Be in touch also if you have web development skills/experience. Finally, and perhaps most important, we are seeking to ensure the site's continuity and growth by finding someone of a younger generation to take over Burrill's job of site manager and administrator. Some of the skills involved are written communication skills, working knowledge of the internet and other aspects of “virtual reality”, photo, video and audio appilcations and, most important of all, a passionate commitment to the continued documentation, preservation and proliferation of the on-going wonders of this remarkable, richly textured, multi-generational family.

Thank you. To learn more about contributing to this project financially, please contact Susan Dickler. Phone: (617) 775-2570 email:

For other inquiries, as well as sending information, videos, photos and documents for posting on the site, please contact Burrill Crohn. Phone: (845) 399-8926 email: