Daniel Crohn: Dec. 6, 1894 - Sept. 4, 1986. Dan was the quiet one. But, as described in We Remember, there lay "a vast storehouse of knowledge behind that taciturn facade. He was a voracious reader and a passionate music lover. Integrity was his most outstanding feature". His reserve was never a barrier to women and he married the beautiful (Ida) Barbara Bumfeld, classmate of his sister Rosalie, in 1927. Barbara was a gifted writer with high ambitions. In her early twenties, she was the first press agent for Tavern on the Green Restaurant in New York City, wrote a society gossip column for the New York Journal American under the name Cholly Knickerbocker and then – in the early 30's – was invited to Paris, France, to become society editor for the Paris Herald Tribune. Dan followed. Together they led the "high life" among European artists, intellectuals, swells and royalty. During this period Dan became publicity director for two leading Paris hotels –George V and the Plaza Athénée – where he instituted a series of musical salons featuring composer/pianist Nadia Boulanger. He also produced a remarkable book, Stirring Relics of Historical Times (text by Barbara), which contained perfect reproductions of French historical documents, like Marie Antoinette's tear–stained letter to her children before going to the guillotine. Their only child, Burrill L. Crohn, was born in Paris in 1934. When WWII broke out they returned to the US where Dan took a job in his brother-in-law's wholesale button business which lasted till he retired. Dan's one unfulfilled dream was to open a store selling books and classical music albums. Both were plentiful in the family's West 71st apartment, and his appreciation for them was a fine legacy inherited by his son, Burrill. Barbara died in 1971 (after being knocked down by robbers fleeing a jewelry story holdup). Subsequently Dan shared his life with Barbara Bregman, enjoying her homes in Venice, Florida and Quogue, Long Island, and their travels to many parts of the world.

Dan being interviewed for a cable television show in 1985.
The beautiful Barbara, c. 1933
Burrill and Naomi, 1987
Barbara in France and Dan as a soldier in France, 1917
Barbara in France
Dan with young Burrill L. at the boardwalk in Deauville, France
Burrill and Naomi, 1987
From Dan's book, an exact replica
of Marie Antoinette's tear-stained note to her children
before being led to the guillotine.

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