While there there were many members of our extended family who achieved success and fame of one kind or another, perhaps none was so universally recognized as Theodore Crohn and Leah Baum's first son, Burrill B. Crohn, whose research led to the correct identification of the illness that bears his name: Crohn's Disease (the symptoms were previously thought to be indicative of intestinal tuberculosis).

But for all who knew him – inside the family and out – he was equally admired and loved for his kindness, generosity, breadth of interests (e.g., he was a devoted Civil War buff), humor and unfailing modesty. In the course of doing research for this project we discovered an old videotape in a close belonging to Ruth Dickler, Burrill's daughter. It turned out to be a "home movie" shot somewhere in the late 1970's at Burrill's home in New Milford. Connecticut. It was an informal, intimate interview with Burrill as he painst a vivid protrait of growing up in New York City before the turn of the 20th century, describes medical education 100 years ago and gives a first-hand account of the events that led to the discovery of Crohn's disease.

Burrill’s Early Life

Burrill in Medical School

Burrill Discover’s Crohn’s Disease

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