Before there were books there were artifacts and oral history. It wasn't so different with our family. Photos and other documents abounded, and people told stories about the family among themselves and at parties. But until 1964 there was no central source, no definitive book, that tried to tie all this information together.

In that year Lawrence Crohn and Marcella (Crohn) Rubel set out to do exactly that, and a few months later they produced a mimeographed book called We Remember: The Saga of an American Jewish Family. In 1979 the second edition came out, largely through the efforts of Ruth (Crohn) Dickler, who spent countless hours updating and editing the original.

Then, in 2000 the third edition came out, spearheaded by the dedication of Eddie (Eliezer) Kroll (son of Mortimer Kroll and Rosalie Crohn), again with the tireless help of Ruth Dickler and her daughter Jane Lebow, and supported by funding organized by Frank T. Crohn and his wife, Helene.

In a way this book has been the family bible, a continual resource for those seeking our origins and descendants. It was also, as a product of 20th century media, a print based resource, its information, however valuable, fixed in time as of the latest printing. The aim of this project is to revise the original once again, but this time using the tools of 21st century media and distribution, the Internet, to make it a widely seen, continually revised and always updatable resource.

Yet our gratitude and appreciation for the earlier editions is profound and endless. To that end we have archived the book here as PDF files, so visitors to the site can see this initial and still riveting attempt at forging our families histories.

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• Cover Page and Table of Contents

• In The Beginning

• Kehilath Jeshurun – Seventy-Five Yesteryears

• The Founding Generation: The Children of David & Eva Baum

• The Children of Abbe & Goldie Baum

• The Children of Israel & Lena Baum

• The Children of Joseph & Bettie Baum

• The Children of Amelia & Nathan Zeman

• The Children of Bernard & Eve Webster

• The Founding Generation: The Children of Morris & Ernestine Crohn

• The Children of Marcus & Julia Crohn

• The Children of Theodore & Leah Crohn

• The Crown Family

• But That's Not All Folks ... (Postcript and Index)