In our family , everyone collected photographs. They're everywhere – on walls, in scrapbooks, tucked away in closets and now, in the digital age, on digital cameras, cell phones or maybe even on web sites. In Ruth Dickler's archives alone there is a voluminous number of letters, photos and other memorabilia. Many others of this generation – Burrill L. Crohn, Frank T. Crohn, Abbott Roseman and Martin Crohn – also have large, sometimes overlapping, collections. Subsequent generations have their own. We intend this web site to be a place – an archive – where all this information can be stored, seen and continually updated. We begin with some of the earliest.
Two of the early progenitors,
Abbe Baum (1827-1902) and Goldie Webster Baum (1834 - 1917),
who married in 1853. They had ten children,
one of whom was Leah Baum,
later to marry Theodore Crohn.
Abbe Baum and Goldie Webster Baum
Abbe and Goldie
Theodore and Ernestine
Theodore and Leah
Theodore Crohn (1848-1934)
was the son of Morris Crohn and Ernestine Wolfe,
who married in Szamocin, Prussia in 1861.
He married Leah Baum in 1882 and, maintaining the family
fecundity, they had twelve children
(Esther, Burrill, Ada, Gurtha, Myron, Joshua, Lawrence, Naomi,
Daniel, George, Marcella and Rosalie).
Jacob "Yank" Webster (1840-1918)
and Geneshe (Lena) Baum (1844-1923),
both of them from Augustow, Poland, married in 1863
and together had eight children.
Abbe Baum and Goldie Webster Baum
Jacob and Geneshe
Theodore and Ernestine
The Crohn Children
First six Crohn children, about 1893.

From right to left, and top to bottom:
Burrill, Ada, Esther, Josh, Gurtha, Myron

Above: A gathering of Baums, Crohns and Websters in 1913 (we'll identify all later, or you can squint and try to read the fine print). Such gatherings of the three interlocking families would continue with some regularity until shifting demographic patterns and greater mobility began scattering families throughout the country (and beyond).
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