When the Bible said, "Go forth and multiply" it is clear that Theodore and Leah were listening. In the eighteen-year span between 1882 and 1900 they had twelve children (Esther, Burrill, Ada, Gurtha, Myron, Josh, Lawrence, Naomi, Daniel, George, Marcella and Rosalie), who, with the exception of Ada who died young, and Josh, in turn begat more children. The original twelve are long gone, though photos, letters, some rare movies and other memorabilia help bring them back to life. Of their offspring, the "cousins", there were still nine remaining when we began the project (recently, and sadly, both George Crohn, Jr. and Sally Hammerschlag passed away), and our first task was to interview each of them. The clips below are brief excerpts – just a minute or two each – from these interviews. The actual interviews usually lasted several hours and were rich with anecdotal and personal history. As the site develops, longer segments will be shown though we have posted the first of the longer videos already, the one with George Crohn, Jr. You can get a moving sense of both George and his memories from this interview, as well as some understanding of what the other interviews will be like when edited in fuller length, which will be soon...

David Roseman, M.D.

George Crohn, Jr.
(July 14, 1927 - June 13, 2012)

Burrill L. Crohn

Frank T. Crohn
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